Back Country

Backcountry is another term for off-piste skiing or skiing away from the pisted areas. Our 3 instructional Backcountry courses are unique as they are run by a Mountain Guide and a Ski Instructor, based around two main skill sets: skiing and mountain safety.

Whatever your level, our Backcountry courses will transform not only your skiing but your enjoyment of the winter mountains. We only use the highest quality UIAGM guides and BASI ski instructors available to ensure that you get the most out of your backcountry experience.

Alongside our purely instructional courses we run various off - piste adventures, from day trips in Chamonix to week long holidays in Zermatt.

2014 Backcountry Dates

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What Level am I? *

Level 0

If you have never skied off piste but can ski controlled on blues and are robust and ready for a challenge then you're level zero.

Level 1

If you can ski controled linked parallel turns on red runs and have skied black runs before, our level 1 courses will suit you.

Level 2

If you're able to ski linked parallel turns on Black slopes & have some off piste experience, our level 2 courses will suit you.

Level 3

If you have a lot of off-piste experience and/or have participated in a level 2 course, our level 3 courses will suit you.
* Please Note: This level finding system only applies to our back country trips and courses. We use a different system for ski touring.

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