We believe that the relationionship between the Guide and the client is at the heart what we do. If the guide and client are in tune with each other then the mountain day is not only safer but it is more enjoyable.

We do not believe in the myth of the heroic, all knowing mountain guide, but we do believe there are some very talented people working as guides. These people have the ability to get the most out of any day in the mountains and to help the people they are guiding to have a satisfying and rewarding experience.

For this reason we put a major emphasis on the selecting our guides not only for their technical ability but for their personalities and their abilty to communicate in an open and friendly way with all types of people.

All of our guides are IFMGA/UIAGM qualified. This means they have reached the highest international mountaineering qualification in guiding including; ski guiding, heli-skiing, rock climbing, alpine climbing and ice climbing throughout the world.

Our guides as with all UIAGM qualified Mountain guides have been trained and assessed under internationally recognized standards. They have the highest mountaineering qualification available in the world. Not only this they are also really great people, brilliant fun and a pleasure to be in the mountains with.

Robbie Fenlon

Robbie is the director of the company and has been a UIAGM guide for the past 13 years. He now lives permanently in the Chamonix valley in the hamlet of Tacconaz. His main interests are skiing, climbing and trekking in Nepal. He is originally from Dublin and still returns to Ireland regularly.
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Linus Kulstad

Swedish born, Linus qualified as a guide through the Swedish system in 2007. When he is not guiding he works as a musician, plumber and illustrator . Linus is passionate about his rock climbing; his next adventure is to make a trip to Yosemite to climb some big wall routes. He lives beside Sweden’s best climbing area; Bohuslan in Uddevella.

Neil Hitchings

Moved to the Chamonix valley in the late 70s and first worked as ski- patroller at the Brevent ski area. This work involved evacuating injured skiers, maintaining security on the pistes and avalanche control. Neil also ran his own rope access business before becoming a guide. He has been working as a guide now for 10 years.

Ric Potter

Ric started climbing as a teenager in 1980, and since then has climbed and mountaineered all over the world, extensively in the Alps, other areas of Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and has made first ascents in the Andes and the Himalayas. Ric has worked as professional mountain guide and climbing instructor since 1991, has been a UIAGM Guide since 2002 and an MIC holder since 1994.

Jimmy Halvardsson

Since 1996 Jimmy has been working in the mountains, mainly based in Sweden- in the Are ski town- and Norway's Lofoten Islands. He has climbed in the USA, Australia, South America, the Alps, Mexico, to name a few, and is now living in Tromso, northern Norway, enjoying the superb skiing of the Lyngen Alps. Some of Jimmy’s ascents include: Aguja de la Esse, Patagonia, Salathe Wall, Astroman and Half Dome(in 1 day),Yosemite, Space Shot, Zion, Blåmann Norway. Check out Jimmy's Website.

Zoe Hart

In 2001 Zoe heard about a town with some snow in the French Alps called Chamonix. With a pair of telemark skis, the inclination to learn how to ski, a small repertoire of french and not much clue, she bought a plane ticket and a season pass. Now, Zoe is one of USA's 4 female UIAGM certified mountain guides, one of less than 70 females worldwide. When not guiding in Chamonix, Zoe is off on personal climbing expeditions, or working on gear testing and design for Patagonia, Scarpa, and Black Diamond. Find out more on Zoe's blog.


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