We are a Net work of independent guides with a common ethic and a commitment to delivering excellent trips

We have international panel of guides made up of Swedish, American, British and Irish UIAGM certified guides.

We provide a range of trips to cover many levels of ability and mountain areas both during summer and Winter.

Our office and administration system is designed to run our trips simply,efficiently and effectively from first contact with the client till the end of the trip. The communication process and the pre trip preparation are very significant factor in deciding the overall outcome of the trip. Our office is staffed by the guides themselves. .

We are genuinely committed to our clients having an excellent trip. To the point where we will not sell a trip to someone we do not think is ready or able for the trip.

Our emphasis is on providing a great trip.Which we define as a safe and satisfying trip. We do this by ensuring we know our clients well, either from previous trips or by a comprehensive communication process prior to the trip.

We then match their level to the appropriate level of trip (or vis versa we adapt the trip to match their level of ability). Our guides are an essential component of this process. We work with guides who have a high level of technical ability in the mountains and who may also specialize in a particular aspect or activity. Matching the right guide to the right trip is essential.

Your enjoyment and satisfaction on the trip is a priority. This is obviously the crucial factor after overall safety. We think the number one factor in this aspect of organization is the relationship between the guide and the client. It is for or this reason we put a major emphasis on the selecting our guides not only for their technical ability but for their personalities and their ability to communicate in an open and friendly way with all types of people.

Our itineraries are well thought out. A well planned and researched itinerary contributes significantly to the quality of any trip. Nevertheless we are working in a very fluid environment with many factors effecting our day to day activities. Hence our itineraries are an optimistic plan A. If due to weather conditions or peoples level of ability the itinerary is not the absolute best choice, we will come up with alternative solutions. Hence our guides need to be highly experienced and skillful in order to be able to adapt to a constantly changing situation.



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